People bad. Fire pretty. (cdybedahl) wrote in pairgenerator,
People bad. Fire pretty.


As of right now, the generator has issued 34588 mixes. There are, of course, quite a few repeats, so there are only 18976 different ones.

The entirely randomly generated (that is, with no write-in characters in it) mix with the most people in it is a twelve-way all-female orgy: Harmony / Buffy / Bonnie / Ann Stark / Tara / Ellie Bartlet / Gina Toscano / Jenny Calendar / Willow / Nancy McNally / Kate / Dawn.

The three most often occurring characters are Xander (1308 occurrences), Faith (1238) and Willow (1224).

The most often produced mix is Dawn/Spike, which has been produced 18 times.

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