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I love this.

I think I will write a few of these. I'll even post them here, even though this page seems a little dead. ...Except, they won't be an official Rule 34 type of thing, because I completely fail at writing that.

So far, I've gotten a wide variety of results. I got Willow/Tara, and Adam/Riley (oddly enough, I think I could easily see some UST there...), but also things like Professor Walsh/Buffybot and Warren/Wesley. o__e I don't think I'll be writing that last one though, too... disturbing, and I hate both of them anyway. >_>
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great site!!!

I stumbled across this early this morning and I am really glad to see I'm not the only one out there who likes the odd bizarre pairing, but I have to say this surpasses even my twisted imaginings.  I love the fact that B5's Lord Refa appears in the list!  Too bad there's no stories posted :-( 

I'd love to see other shows added to that list; some of the other Star Trek series (TNG; DS9) and JAG, maybe Law & Order.  *nods and goes off to write...*

Fun and games

I invented a silly game to play with the pairgenerator. And then cdybedahl came visiting my journal and said I should post it here, so I am. *g*

Generate a pair. Then try to link the pair through actual, canonical sexual couplings, with as few degrees of separation as possible: Pairing A/D. A did B, who did C, who did D. Three degrees!

Example from the Buffyverse: Robin Wood, Spike. 4 degrees of sexual separation. Robin's done Faith, who's done Riley (while in Buffy's body, but still), who's done Buffy, who's done Spike.

Obviously this works best in more promiscuous 'verses. Pairings involving anyone who never got lucky in canon are automatically discarded as impossible.

We played a bit in my journal, here.

Harmony/Lorne pairing from the generator

Well, I tried the random generator last night and came up with Harmony and Lorne so here's what that produced. :-)

Title: All in a Day’s Work
Pairing: Harmony/Lorne, NC-17 Why? Because I’m EVIL. Didn’t you get the memo?
Disclaimer: Yadda, yadda, yadda. All hail Joss. Joss is god or close enough anyway. He owns all. I just play with his toys sometimes.

Summary: Angel hears a strange noise in the Wolfram & Hart offices and sends Lorne to investigate.

All in a Day's WorkCollapse )


As of right now, the generator has issued 34588 mixes. There are, of course, quite a few repeats, so there are only 18976 different ones.

The entirely randomly generated (that is, with no write-in characters in it) mix with the most people in it is a twelve-way all-female orgy: Harmony / Buffy / Bonnie / Ann Stark / Tara / Ellie Bartlet / Gina Toscano / Jenny Calendar / Willow / Nancy McNally / Kate / Dawn.

The three most often occurring characters are Xander (1308 occurrences), Faith (1238) and Willow (1224).

The most often produced mix is Dawn/Spike, which has been produced 18 times.


Just thought this was funny. Ran the generator and came up with Talia/Ivanova. Must say, tottaly the opposite of an unthought of pairing ("I think I loved Talia").
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Addition suggestion

Yeah, I only joined because I wanted to pimp my New Favourite Show of Today that isn't already on the generator - Firefly

Men: Mal, Jayne, Wash, Book, Simon.
Women: Inara, Kaylee, Zoe, River.

I can't remember the names of any minor characters offhand, but yell if you want them and I'll look them up. (I remember who they are and what they look like, I'm just crap at remembering actual names)